How to organize your desktop with Image Dream

  1. Welcome to our tutorial for Image Dream
  2. In this tutorial I will show you: How to organize your desktop.
  3. After starting Image Dream, your desktop will look something like this.
  4. To organize I start by reducing the preview size.
  5. Select all images and reduce them by clicking on the middle preview size button.
  6. Click on the thread to close the In Room control panel.
  7. Now I start to build a pile of animal photos.
  8. Next I move the other pictures beside to make more room.
  9. A good decision for me is to build a new pile of girls.
  10. Now I organize the tutorial and example pictures.
  11. I have two identical pictures with ice cubes on my desk.
  12. So I decide to delete on of them by pressing on the trash can in the control panel.
  13. On the following dialog I press "ok" for deletion.
  14. It's time to make a new album - I call it "examples" but you can use any other name.
  15. Next I double click on the tab "categories" to rename it.
  16. I will call this category girls
  17. Now I select the pile of girl pictures to move them inside my album.
  18. You see that the photos will be automatically positioned on the free fields.
  19. The next category will be called animals.
  20. The pile of animal pictures is moved to the new category.
  21. I do the same with the tutorial pictures.
  22. Inside a album you can also freely move your pictures to the desired location.
  23. You can change the category by clicking on the tab. The selected category is highlighted.
  24. On the top right side you see the picture informations. You can get infos about the file format, the resolution and so on.
  25. To change the image name - I click on the little pencil behind the file name.
  26. I change the name and click the "ok" button to save it.
  27. Close the album by double click on the cover.
  28. Finally I move the albums to the right side to have room for new things on my desktop.
  29. Many thanks for watching our tutorial.