How to clone a bird with Image Dream

  1. Welcome to our new tutorial for jalada Image Dream!
  2. In this tutorial you will learn: How to clone a bird.
  3. First of all load the example picture into Image Dream. You could get this picture from our site.
  4. In the title bar you see the map menu, go to it to open the menu.
  5. Click on the "details" button to enter the details room.
  6. For this tutorial we need a brush, a rubber and the magnifying glass, so click on the left drawer for using this tools.
  7. To clone a bird we must press the "clone" button.
  8. Very important for cloning is the source selector, in the video marked with an arrow.
  9. Now move the source selector to the branch as shown in the video.
  10. Select the small flat brush for painting.
  11. Find the right point to start.
  12. Think of a connecting rod between the two points.
  13. If you move your brush the source point is also moved.
  14. By pressing the mouse button the pixels are copied around the source point and pasted at the brush position.
  15. Now paint your bird as shown.
  16. You see on the left side of our cloned bird many failures in the sky through overpaintings.
  17. You can remove such overpaintings with an eraser.
  18. Select the small eraser and move it to the left side of your bird.
  19. Remove slowly the overpaintings.
  20. Zoom into the photo by using the magnifying glass.
  21. The tools are more accurate by larger zoom factors.
  22. You see it is now very easy to undo our failures.
  23. To see other details move the canvas by using the compass rose.
  24. If you remove to much with the eraser, you can undo this by using the brush again.
  25. Now it is time to remove the overpaintings under the branch.
  26. Have a look at the nice looking pair of birds.
  27. If you look in detail, you see that we have lost one feet.
  28. We repair this by removing the not needed pixels.
  29. What a shot of two peeping birds sitting on a branch.
  30. Now leave the room to save your picture.
  31. Open the menu and go to the out room.
  32. To save your work you must press the "apply" button.
  33. Export your picture by pressing the "save" button or print it out or send it by email to a friend.
  34. Many thanks for watching our tutorial.