How to reduce noise with Image Dream

  1. Welcome to our tutorial for jalada Image Dream!
  2. In this tutorial you will learn: "How to reduce noise."
  3. First of all: Select this image from the installed examples. Also you can download it from our site.
  4. With a double click we go in to the preparation room.
  5. You see a very noisy or grainy picture.
  6. In Image Dream it is very easy to correct this kind of images.
  7. To reduce grain or noise, you need only to press the "enhance" buttom.
  8. press the enhance button again.
  9. For this photo press the button four times to get a perfect result.
  10. Now leave the room to save your picture.
  11. Open the menu and go to the out room.
  12. To save your work you must press the "apply" button.
  13. Export your picture by pressing the "save" button or print it out or send it by email to a friend.
  14. Many thanks for watching our tutorial.