How to make a Valentine's Day Card with Image Dream

  1. Welcome to our tutorial for Image Dream!
  2. In this tutorial, I show you: how to make a Valentine's card.
  3. First of all load the example picture into Image Dream. You could get this picture from our site.
  4. Select the picture and open it with a double click.
  5. Now move the picture to an empty space.
  6. In the title bar you see the map menu, go to it to open the menu.
  7. Next click on the "prep" button to enter the preparation room.
  8. Use the scissors to crop the image.
  9. Move a scissor by pressing the mouse onto it.
  10. Now leave the room and go to the finish room.
  11. To save your work you must press the "apply" button.
  12. In the finish room you can make a collage with different backgrounds. You can add
  13. additional artwork and create a border.
  14. First of all we select a background for our Valentine's card.
  15. Something technical. Or something lovely.
  16. The only think we must do is to drag the background from the album and drop it onto the picture.
  17. Now have a look.? We need something different - with flowers and hearts I think.
  18. We can mirror the background by pressing the arrow buttons at the border.
  19. You can move your photo free in your collage.
  20. Let us add a nice border to our picture.
  21. After opening the edge album we can drag a border to our picture.
  22. I think this border looks nice.
  23. Now let us write a Valentine's text.
  24. Select a well looking font.
  25. Write your text. Something like: "Happy Valentine's day"
  26. Change the text direction to center.
  27. You can move the text free on your collage.
  28. Finally we can add a few accessoirs to it. A heart would be nice.
  29. You can save your work as a template by pressing on a memory dot.
  30. Export your collage by pressing the "save" button or print it out or send it by email to a friend.