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Translate Your World

Put the world at your fingertips in your personal and professional life, right from your PC or mobile device. jalada Just Translate let you reach out in multiple languages as easily as you can type, paste, drag, or open a file.

Just Translate is the complete translation environment for language professionals who want to edit, review and manage translation projects as well as corporate terminology. Deliver world-class localized content to support your global sales and marketing efforts with software trusted by translation professionals worldwide.

High-quality machine translation is possible today with Just Translate and can help businesses rapidly increase the speed at which communications to customers and prospects can be tailored for international markets. Businesses looking to effectively address the multilingual requirements across product, engineering, marketing, support and other internal groups, will require a machine translation solution that is powerful, secure and flexible to adapt to changing requirements in terms of content type, format, linguistic style and target deployment.

Just Translate lets you dictate documents by voice on any device quickly and accurately so you can translate them anywhere you go. Speak instead of type. No training needed. Start speaking and Just Translate recognize your voice, transform it into text and translate it into another language. Use your most powerful tool - your voice - and put it to work.

If you learn better when you can hear what you're reading or writing, Text to Speech lets you hear words read aloud to help with expressive speech development — or even communicates for you by speaking the words you type.

Global companies use Just Translate for a variety of scenarios:

  • To provide comprehensive information for customers prior to purchase
  • Monitor social networks across different languages
  • Provide information in knowledge and technical support forums
  • Employees in the technical support and customers prior to purchase
  • Between globally distributed departments allow communication and exchange of knowledge  
  • Increase productivity in all translation activities associated with the localization


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