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Language Alchemist 2.5

Better understand, what others write

The Language Alchemist is your ultimate assistant to translate nearly any foreign language texts. With more than 20 languages included - it will be essential for your daily work.

Integrated in any standard Mac application such as Safari®, Preview®, Keynote® or Pages® you get the power to investigate unknown words without large detours. As the result you can still better and still faster understand various sources of information, e.g. manuals, online help and Web pages.

And of course you can test the Language Alchemist extensively and without obligation.

Easy to use - Translate straight out of your favorite application.

Easy to use - Translate straight out of your favorite application. You are able to start a translation with just a mouse-click while you are working in other applications or documents.

For this simply select the word or words within your document you are searching for, open the contextual menu and choose "translate the selected words". The Language Alchemist starts automatically and presents the appropriate translations to you clearly in a separate window.

There is no need for complicated additional typing or "Copy&Paste" operations and you can concentrate yourself on the most important, namely reading your text.

Which language do you like? - More than 20 languages available.

Which language do you like? - More than 20 languages available. Generally the Language Alchemist automatically recognizes the language of a word and translates it to the language you have set up in the system preferences of your Mac. However you can change this behavior at any time and adjust the language settings accordingly to your specific needs.

Currently you can choose the following languages or dictionaries:

Major Languages
English Dutch Spanish
German Portuguese Esperanto
fr French dk Danish cz Czech
ru Russian it Italian se Swedish

Additional Languages
za Afrikaans hu Hungarian fo Faeroese
pl Polish fi Finnish th Thai
no Norwegian tr Turkish is Icelandic
gr Greek ro Romanian al Albanian
swahili Swahili gr Latin  

Large and local vocabulary - Best performance.

Large and local vocabulary - Best performance. In order to translate words and terms you don't need an Internet connection, because the whole vocabualry of the Language Alchemist is available local on your harddisk.

This gives you among other things two advantages:
  • You can use the Language Alchemist anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Instant translations.

First try, afterwards buy.

Download Language Alchimist now.

You can test the complete functionality of the Language Alchemist extensively and without obligation. The demo-license expires after 28 days or 50 translations.

Test now.

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If you think, the Language Alchemist is a useful supplement in handling multilingual documents, then you can easily acquire a license.

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Still better meet the needs.

We use the Language Alchemist continuously ourselves at our daily work and we want to improve it permanently in order to benefit still more.

But we also care about your practical benefit. On that account we invite you to tell us your wishes and suggestions. Your opinion is important to us!

Please use for this purpose our contact form  or send us simply an e-mail to .

Thank you very much.

System requirements.

Hardware G3 (or better) or Intel Mac.
Operating system Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.

(1) A standard Mac application means here a program for Macintosh computer that is full compatible with the Apple specification for contextual menu extensions.

Mac OS X Universal Binary

Use it straight out of
your document.
Far more than 20 languages (dictionaries) included.
Large and local vocabulary.
Try before buy.

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