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  Subject: Date    
  Happy Easter 2014-04-19    
  Create a great team 2014-04-05    
  Collage 3 version 3.2 now available. 2013-09-14    
  Get in touch with the fantastic and mysterious world of fractal art and become a fractal artist. 2014-03-29    
  Spring is coming 2014-03-21    
  Please update 2014-03-13    
  Important updates available for Just Translate and Textual 4. 2014-03-08    
  Carnevale di Venezia 2014-02-28    
  Give your photos an unmistakable identity. With Photo Converter it is easy. 2014-02-22    
  Happy Valentine's day 2014-02-13    
  Treat yourself to something special. 2014-02-01    
  Winter Trails 2014-01-24    
  Boost your photos, don't take them twice. 2014-01-17    
  Bring Back Sunshine 2014-01-11    
  Happy New Year 2014 2013-12-31    
  Wishing you a Happy New and Successful Year 2013-12-28    
  Have a Wonderful Christmastime 2013-12-24    
  Have a special little Christmas with jalada Image Dream 2013-12-20    
  Merry Christmas with Collage. 2013-12-18    
  jalada Fractal - Your introduction to the mysterious world of fractal geometry. 2013-12-17    
  Make a touch and win the game! 2013-12-14    
  Give a gift that is perfect for Christmas and beyond. 2013-12-06    
  Incredible fractal art. Deliberately easy! 2013-12-04    
  Black Friday Sale 2013-11-29    
  Happy Thanksgiving 2013-11-28    
  Happy Thanksgiving 2013-11-28    
  Now, Windows 8.1 compatible 2013-11-15    
  Ready for Mavericks 2013-11-08    
  Now ready for Apple's new Mavericks - jalada Catalina and Chain Reaction 2013-11-01    
  Scare your friends - It is Halloween 2013-10-31    
  Halloween is coming! 2013-10-26    
  Textual 4 now in the Mac App Store 2013-10-22    
  Have fun with jalada Fractual 2013-10-20    
  The new edtior for Mac OS X - packed with features. 2013-10-11    
  jalada at amazon.com 2013-10-09    
  It's incredible! jalada Textual is back! 2013-10-08    
  Photo Converter lets your photos shine. 2013-09-27    
  A new year is coming 2013-09-21    
  Grandparent's Day Gift Ideas - This coming Sunday is Grandparent's Day. 2013-09-07    
  New in the Mac App Store: jalada Photo Converter 2013-08-30    
  Boost your photos, don't take them twice. 2013-08-23    
  Download free trial version of jalada Photo Converter. Now available. 2013-08-16    
  Introducing - Brand new Photo Converter 2.0. The recommended App to get your photos ready for print and web. 2013-08-10    
  Collage 3 version 3.1.5 now available - The easiest way to create perfect design projects. 2013-08-01    
  Best Practice: Copy and back up your original photos. - Working with Image Dream 2013-07-27    
  Create incredible Collages with a Great Team 2013-07-20    
  Boost your holiday pics - No need to take them twice. 2013-07-12    
  Made with jalada Fractual 2013-07-06    
  Just what you need - for productivity, entertainment and at home. 2013-06-29    
  Summer Special 2013 2013-06-21    
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