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  Subject: Date    
  This Christmas - Something Special Is Coming 2015-11-21    
  Get one of the best brain teaser. A great choice not just on winter's evenings. 2015-11-13    
  Great game jalada Artcic Fun - Play it now and get the sushis. 2015-11-07    
  Surprise your friends and ... 2015-10-30    
  Something scary is coming 2015-10-24    
  Autumn 2015 2015-10-18    
  Let yourself be mesmerized by this unique arcade puzzle game. 2015-10-10    
  Let your photos shine 2015-10-03    
  Game of the week - jalada Arctic Fun 2015-09-27    
  Get a new Challenge every day! 2015-09-20    
  Weekend specials - Boost your knowledge 2015-09-12    
  Thousands of happy gamers are enjoying themselves with Hamia 2 2015-09-04    
  Perfect apps just for us. Ideal for school, home and business. 2015-08-29    
  Happy Weekend Specials - 3 great deals 2015-08-21    
  The #1 Platform Game on Windows 10 2015-08-14    
  Happy Holiday Season - Be prepared 2015-08-08    
  Ready for Windows 10 2015-07-31    
  Summer is happiness, so let your photos shine. 2015-07-24    
  Play it. Free arcade fun for Windows and brand new for Windows Phone. 2015-07-21    
  Keep fit with fun using your Windows PC or Windows Phone. 2015-07-11    
  Capture your summer moments with great Apps at your side. 2015-07-02    
  The new version is here! 2015-06-29    
  Hello Vacation Time - Blend the best. 2015-06-26    
  The No 1 Hit from the USA 2015-06-19    
  Something special for your weekend 2015-06-12    
  Did you know, how easy deleted files can be retrieved? So protect yourself. 2015-05-29    
  Hello Holiday Season - Be prepared. 2015-05-21    
  Do you Know Hamia 2? Please tell your friends. 2015-05-15    
  The #1 puzzle game 2015-05-09    
  Win the Chain Reaction Challenge by creating the longest chain ever. 2015-05-02    
  Make up your photos - don't take them twice. 2015-04-25    
  The top hit, now brand new on the Mac App Store. jalada Hamia 2. 2015-04-15    
  Confirmed. jalada Hamia 2 is generally suitable for all ages. 2015-04-11    
  The Free Easter Mega Pack! 2015-04-04    
  Enter the new Cartoon World of the #1 puzzle game jalada Chungu. 2015-03-28    
  A new release of jalada Chungu is available on the Windows Store. 2015-03-24    
  The go-anywhere brain teaser. Play jalada Hamia 2 in 10 languages now. 2015-03-21    
  jalada Hamia 2 - now translated in many languages 2015-03-17    
  Have fun with jalada Chungu 2 2015-03-13    
  Brand new on the Windows Store - The free puzzle game jalada Hamia 2 2015-03-07    
  Be prepared - spring is coming. 2015-02-27    
  jalada Chungu 2 - The new version 2015-02-24    
  Get it, play it and win. 2015-02-21    
  Happy Valentine's Day. 2015-02-14    
  Fabulous gift ideas for your loved one this Valentine's Day. 2015-02-07    
  Get in touch with the fantastic and mysterious world of fractals. 2015-01-31    
  Winter Time 2015-01-24    
  Don't forget the Hug Day on January 21th. 2015-01-17    
  Play jalada Chungu 2 - The sequel of the popular puzzle game. 2015-01-09    
  Happy New Year Sale 2014-12-29    
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