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Make up your pictures

Image Dream: Make up your picturesImage Dream is your ideal photo editor and photo organizer, with all the features you need to organize your photo collection, edit and add effects to your images, and share your photos. Quickly and categorize your images using Image Dreams photo albums.


The power of organization, too

No more dusty shoe boxes! To help you keep track of your pictures, Image Dream sorts, categorizes, and stores them in convenient digital albums for easy reference. All your digital photos are always at your fingertips, and you'll never misplace a shot again.


Image Dream works fast

Change and correct colors, fix "red eye" and remove wrinkles and scratches-all with the whisk of a brush. Crop, rotate, resize ad clone in real time. Image Dream makes it all fun, fast and easy for everyone in the family.


Simple controls

With jalada's Image Dream, it's easy to bring out the hidden beauty in any picture. Brighten dusty vacation snaps. Sharpen blurry photos. Restore faded heirloom images. Turn might-have-beens into master pieces. Image Dream puts editing power in your hands while providing a simple, fun interface that encourages exploration.


ImageCreative tools that are as easy as A-B-C

Image Dream is good clean fun! Just load an image from a digital camera or scanner and get ready for a good time.

Revolutionary animated brushes, smooth-as-silk zooming and convenient hideaway tool drawers turn photo editing into an enjoyable, fully interactive, highly creative experience. Image Dream lets you magically wipe out red eye, heal scars, remove blemishes, whisk away wrinkles and stray hairs, make the crooked straight, sharpen focus and brush in color like a pro. And it all happens in real time, so you work quickly and intuitively.


Even your kids can use Image Dream

It comes loaded with neat, real-world tools. You get brushes that flex on screen, pencils that flip over so you can use their erasers, and more. Image Dream remembers and saves the desktop as you've left it--or puts away everything back into the drawers. It's up to you.


Tons of uses, day in and day out

Not only is Image Dream a lot of fun, it's downright useful-maybe even essential. Newlyweds can repair priceless photos by correcting overexposed and underexposed shots. Real-estate brokers can clean up houses or make unsightly lawn furniture disappear. Business professionals can eliminate under-eye circles for executive shots. Teens can wipe out acne at a stroke.

Novice photographers can lighten sunsets, brighten basement photos and wipe out red eye and glare from flash photos. And families can restore cracked and yellowed heirloom photos.


Creative output options let your photos shine

With Image Dream, your well-scrubbed photos become the stars of the show. The program gives you all kinds of new ways to use your photographs.

You can create layouts for professional looking invitations, greeting cards, calendars, flyers and much more. Add gorgeous backgrounds or 3D text that hovers above your image--even hand drawn cartoons. Everything's included, even clip photos!


Image Dream: Even your kids can use Image DreamWay cool, way easy

Bad photos are a fact of life, but that doesn't mean you have to live with them. Who says repair work can't be fun? With Image Dream, problems turn into opportunities!

Get Jalada's Image Dream, and brighten up those faded memories! With Image Dream, you'll never look at old photographs quite the same way again.

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