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Image My Logo is an educational programming environment for teaching kids and other learners the basics of math, geometry, programming and even thinking.

My Logo uses LOGO as programming language and aims to make learning as easy as possible.

The central role of Logo plays a turtle as an on-screen cursor. You can enter simple commands, that in turn move directly one or more turtles in the drawing area. This way you are able to easily draw shapes and create colorful images.

Even young children quickly learn to move and turn the turtle using easily-remembered, intuitive commands. For example, typing FORWARD 100 moves the turtle forward 100 pixels. Typing RIGHT 90 turns the turtle right 90 degrees.


Designed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a language for learning, Logo is by its nature friendly, forgiving and powerful.

  • Friendly, because Logo is easily grasped. You can relate to the turtle and use it as an object to think with.

  • Forgiving, because Logo offers immediate graphical feedback and informative error messages.

  • Powerful, because Logo is a programming language, providing all the tools needed to create programs of nearly any degree of sophistication.

So although LOGO is a programming language, it is better thought of as a language for learning and a language that encourages kids and other learners to explore, to learn, and to think.




Why use My Logo?


A. Multiple Disciplines

Education software often teaches mathematics, algebra, writing, english, typing, and problem solving, but none teach them all at the same time. LOGO Programming involves mathematics, writing, typing and problem solving all at the same time. As an added bonus, the fruits of your labor can be seen immediately in the form of a turtle drawing an image.

B. New each time

While other software has puzzles to be solved, math/english/writing to be learned or levels to be played, My Logo has only a drawing screen and your commands. There is no end to the use of My Logo so long as the user can continue to create new and different drawings using the LOGO commands and turtles.

C. Long or short use

Since My Logo has no puzzles or levels, the use of it can be relatively short (For small/simple drawings) or long (for complicated drawings with many turtles). A child/person/student may use My Logo during a short break or for hours at a time.

D. Programming

The LOGO language is a great way to teach/learn programming. My Logo implements a susbet of this language in an application that is not overly complicated or full of unnecessary features.

Even if you don't want your child, student, friend (or even you) to learn programming, My Logo and LOGO can teach logic, problem solving and possibly enhance creativity. There are many ways (too numerous to count) to draw the same drawing making the more creative solution the most fun. The most logical solution, or elegant, is also a possible goal.

E. Many skill levels and age groups

The LOGO language can be used to create highly complex and mathematically driven drawings but it can also be used to create simple, colorful ones. The age of the person/child using My Logo can vary more than with any other software, and the same goes for the skill level.

The use of the LOGO commands by the user can grow as time goes by and their knowledge of it progresses. There are no barriers against advancement and no need to either. Drawings can be kept simple.


System requirements

My Logo for Mac OS X:

  • Intel-based Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer
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