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Textual 4 - The text editor for Mac OS X packed with features.

A text editor packed with features

Textual has a lot of functionality that makes writing and editing text files more convenient and more efficiently for you. A lot of this does not sound very impressive or even works behind the scenes, but you will surely appreciate it when you need it.


• Text Editing Features

• Find and Replace Features

• Document Management Features

• Development/Programming Features

• Business/Research Features

• Web Development/Design Features

• Writing Features

• Add-Ons and Customization


Text Editing Features

Text Editing Features

Auto detect highlighting scheme based on file extension and content

Block selections

Clean text (e.g. Zap Gremlins)

Clipboard support (cut/copy/paste)

Current line highlighting

Drag-and-drop editing

Dynamically named bookmarks include line number and text

Full support for internationalized text (UTF-8 and many other encodings selectable)

Go to next/previous bookmark

Go to specific line

Insert date/time into current document at current position

Line Edit Commands (Join, Split, Delete, Duplicate, Move, Transpose, etc...)

Lower to upper case or vice versa conversion

Multi document editing

Multi-level undo and redo

Print line numbers

Printing of syntax highlighting in color

Shortcuts for all important commands

Show and hide line numbers

Show and hide white spaces, space characters appear as small centered dots and tab characters as light arrows pointing to the right.

Split view editing both vertical and horizontal

Word wrapping to fit long lines in window

Find and Replace Features

Find and Replace Features

Find or search-and-replace through the current file, all open files or files on disk

Search for whole words, regular expressions, matching case and in the reverse direction

Find, find next, find previous, find all

Replace, replace all

All find/replace operations support fully internationalized text (UTF-8/Unicode)

All multi search results are highlighted and previewed similar as with Google

Find matching braces plus automatic brace highlighting

Regular expressions library to find easily common text, like HTML tags, email addresses or comments

Regular expression quick reference

Search and Replace History

Document Management Features

Document Management Features

Documents/Files browser

Document/File reverting

Drag and Drop (tabs/file opening/text)

Find in files / documents

Multiple top level windows

Optional make a copy/backup of current document

Quick access to all open documents

Recent files list (up to 24 recent files)

Reveal/Show document in Finder/Windows Explorer

Synchronize Documents/Files browser with open documents

Tabbed Windows

Development/Programming Features

Development/Programming Features

Auto-Completion for 200+ document / file types

Auto indentation

Block (Un)Commenting

Block (Un)Indenting

Bracket Highlighting

Code Folding

Direct Web Search for key words and commands (e.g., PHP, MySQL, MSDN, Apple Developer Pages, ...)

Go to matching bracket

Included API catalogs enable autocomplete for assembler, configuration, markup languages, database languages, script languages, source languages, science languages and others

Pre-configured popular HTML / PHP functions

Syntax Highlighting (200+ languages)

Business/Research Features

Business/Research Features

Bookmarks in different colors to quickly find important content

Data Mining: Analyse content of large documents or bundle of documents with regular expressions

Find in Files

Multiple (synchronized) views of the same file

Search for highlighted term from within Textual (Wikipedia, Google, Bing, ...)

Web Development/Design Features

Web Development/Design Features

HTML-Entities Browser to directly access special symbols

Look up terms directly in the online documentations, like PHP and MySQL

Pre-configured popular HTML / PHP functions

View rendered HTML directly in default browser

XML and HTML open/close tag matching

Writing Features

Writing Features

Auto indentation

Full support for internationalized text

Page Guide on/off

Print and print preview support

Right margin

Spell Checker in 30+ languages and 100.000+ words

Zoom in or out

Add-Ons and Customization

Add-Ons and Customization

Complete online user manual

Configurable sidebars: The sidebars contain useful tools, such as Web Search, Documents Browser, Scratchpad and HTML Entities Browser.

Configurable syntax mapping

Multilingual Interface (Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish)

Themes with configurable fonts and colors

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10.7.4 or newer

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